Ransomware Virus

One of the common computers in the University of Manchester is being attacked by ransomware virus. It uninstalled antivirus and encrypted all folders and files. We are trying to recover the files, especially the data, and will contact the IT service soon.

We think that the virus came from open-source software downloaded from the Internet. So it is a reminder for everyone:

  1. Always backup your data, both in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive etc) and external hard drives. Don’t rely on one media to store your precious data.
  2. Always update your operating system, software and antivirus.
  3. Be careful with suspicious emails with attachments and web links. If you are not sure, do not clink any links and download any files and delete these emails immediately.
  4. Don't be tricked into downloading free software (some even claim open-source) because they could be Trojan malware.
  5. Protect your PCs with good passwords.