This is the most favorite! Whichever means of transportation you choose, you will end up being “forced” to walk. To get to know which way to go when walking down the streets of Manchester, you can simply ask others around or use the GPS on your smartphone.


Single ticket fare for a bus is approximately around 1-2.5£, it depends on the distance between places you travel, what season you are traveling, and what type of bus you get on to.

Types of bus in Manchester:

  • Metroshuttle: This is free bus provided by Manchester city council. This bus has 3 different routes operated around Manchester City Center. (Metroshuttle Route Map)
  • 147 Oxford Road Link: This is free bus operated around Oxford Rd (connecting UoM North and South City Campuses, and also MMU Campuses in Oxford Rd area). This bus only operates on weekday.
  • Stagecoach: Magic Bus with blue color is the cheapest. Green buses are environment friendly but cost the most.
    • Bus Pass for university student is called UniRider, view it in .
    • If you are not subscribed to UniRider but you want to travel by bus, you can opt to buy the daily ticket (around £4 for Stagecoach) or weekly ticket. Daily and Weekly ticket are only valid if you get on to the same bus provider.
  • First Bus: The buses are relatively new and in good condition, but they do not have many buses around if compared to Stagecoach.

If you are ot sure what bus to take, Google Maps or other GPS application in your smartphone is reliable enough. These applications can give you advise on what bus to take, where to go, where to get off, and also where our position is during the journey. Note that Manchester buses do not have anything inside the bus to display where the bus position is.

Worth to note: You ask to buy ticket buses directly to the bus drivers. They accept cash and they can give change as long as the amount is not too high (i.e. above £20).

Frequently used smartphone apps:


Taxi is a good choice if you come home late and it is difficult to find bus, or if you are in hurry to go to Airport, or maybe even if you think that it will be cheaper because you can share the cost with friends.

There are taxis that you can directly hail, such as Black Cab (eventhough it is called Black Cab, but they also have white-coloured cab, see picture below, just like the one in the back). Black cab can accommodate 5-6 people.

Black Cab Manchester (courtesy: Manchester Evening News)
Black Cab Manchester (courtesy: Manchester Evening News)


There are several taxis that can not be hailed directly on the street and you need to order them beforehand, via their application or phone, if you want to use their service. The common providers are Uber and Street Car.

In case of Uber, we will need to register ourselves first as well as our debit/credit card. When we order an Uber taxi, the drivers will know where we are located as well as the destination. We wont need to pay the driver when we get off in our destination since the taxi fare will be debited directly from our debit card (cashless payment).

For those who want to try and get Uber promotions, you can download the application, register yourself, and use these referral code/ID below:

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Metrolink (City Tram)

Price range around £1.2-6, it depends on the distance between you and your destination.



It is healthy, indeed, but there are no free bicycle rental in Manchester. So, you can just buy either new or used bicycle for cheaper price in Gumtree or eBay or any other online marketplaces.

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