Manchester is one of the most diverse city in the UK! Hence, we have lots of choices for food here. Here is the list of restaurants in Manchester.

Chinese Chopstix (halal), Red Chilli, China City, Pearl City, Happy Season, Azuma, Rice (halal), Glamorous,  and New Emperor
Other Asian Ban Di BulTry Thai, Seoul Kimchi, Eat Goody, Koreana (halal), Pho, Wasabi, Umami, Siam Supermarket (canteen), Thai Khun, Oishi, Yo! Sushi, Yuzu, Umezushi
Cafe Gorilla, Federal, Cafe Moose, Home Sweet Home, Tea Cup, The Koffee Pot, Tea 42, Black Milk Cereal Café, Christie Bistro, Patisserie Valerie, Fig and Sparrow
Buffet Buffet CityRed Hot, EFES Mediterranean (halal), Tops (halal)
Bar Cloud 23, Gorilla, Oxford Bar, Trafford Bar, Revolution, The Font, Alchemist, Footage, Black Dog Ballroom
Snacks Ho’s Bakery, Wong Wong Bakery, Chatime, ICFT, Street Food at City Center, Piccadilly Garden Market (Thurs, Fri, Sat), Greggs, Emporium Ice Cream, Rollers, Krispy Kreme
Western Nando’s (halal at Oxford Road), Bella Italia, Almost Famous, GBK, Five Guys, Dogs and Dough, Pizza Express, TGI Friday, Frankie and Benny’s, San Carlo, Piccolino, San Carlo Chiccetti
Middle Eastern Al Jazeera (halal), Lal Qila (halal), Lahore (halal), Afghan (halal), Zouk (halal)
Fast Food Babylon, Archies (halal), Pizza Co. (halal), Popolinos (halal), Il Padrino, Bar Buritos, Subway (halal at Rusholme and Hulme), KFC Arndale (halal), Harry Ramden’s, Changos Burrito, Panchos
Vegetarian On the Eight’s day Café, Earth Café, Vrevolution, Unicorn, 1847 Bistro

If you got so busy with your thingies around campus buildings, the university also has cafeterias and canteens inside:

1. Cafe Browsers – Sackville Building

2. Enigma – Reynold Building

3. Cafe – Barnes Wallis

4. Mumford Restaurant – Manchester Meeting Place

5. Cafe de Paris – Pariser Building

6. GB Cafe – George Begg Building

7. Interface Cafe – MIB Building

8. Cafe 2o4 – Chemistry Building

9. Food for Though – Zochonis Building

10. Visaio – Simon Building

11. Library Lounge – Main Library

12. Cafe – Alan Gilbert Learning Common

13. Lime Cafe – Samuel Alexander Building

14. Cooper’s Cafe – Mansfield Cooper Building

15. Cafe Devas – Ellen Wilkinson Building

16. Chromo Zone Restaurant – Stopford Building

17. Error Bar Cafe – Schuster Building

18. Atrium Snack Bar – Jean McFarlane Building

19. Pi in the Sky Cafe – Alan Turing Building

20. EATS Reataurant – University Place

21. Eros Cafe – University Place

22. Cafe Arts – Martin Harris Building

23. Cafe K – Humanities Bridgeford Building

24. Arthurs Brew – Arthur Lewis Building

25. Byte Cafe – Kilburn Building

When you’re just too lazy to cook or to go out looking for food, some restaurants are offering delivery services. Another option is by using the application like JustEat or HungryHouse that is pretty easy to be accessed via Internet from your laptop/desktop or mobile phone.

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