Groceries di Greater Manchester

There are several types of supermarkets in Greater Manchester area, from general supermarkets, Chinese supermarkets, and even supermarkets selling halal products and groceries (middle eastern style) could be easily found here. Let’s take a look at them one by one!

  1. ASDA (££)

ASDA is one of the largest supermarket which sells various items such as groceries, clothing, and gardening tools. ASDA also offers a delivery service with a minimum purchase of £25. The only drawback is its location which is not located in the city centre.  

  1. Aldi, Lidl (£)

These two supermarkets are selling groceries at a price that is relatively cheap when compared to others. So, if you want to shop in large quantities and do not want to get too far, you may go to these stores.

  1. Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Spar, Morrisons (£££)

The stores above are quite favourite because they get an advantage of having many branches that spread across several regions in Greater Manchester. For example, there is Spar near the region Manchester Business School, and Sainsbury’s close to the northern campus (Sackville Building). Some stores also offer a delivery service to certain terms and conditions.


  1. Marks and Spencer (M&S) Food, Waitrose (££££)

Two stores above sell food and groceries at a more expensive price, yet with premium quality. These stores are only located in the downtown area.

  1. Chinese (Asian) Supermarket

These stores sell groceries and instant seasoning from Asia, especially China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. For those who want to buy oriental spices or seasonings like oyster sauce, teriyaki sauce and other Asian food ingredients such as kale, banana, tofu, tempeh, perhaps even durian, you can go to Chinese supermarkets in China Town area. These supermarkets spread across Greater Manchester:

  1. Woo Sang (Chinatown, George St)
  2. Wing Fat (Chinatown, Faulkner St)
  3. Han Won Hong (Chinatown, George St)
  4. WH Lung (Upperbrook St)
  5. La Meizi (Chester St)
  6. W Wing Yip (Oldham Rd)
  1. Middle Eastern Supermarket

If you want to buy halal meat, do not worry because there are two large stores in Rusholme area that sell halal meat and other food products.
1. Worldwide, selling complete fresh vegetables and spices
2. Manchester Super Store, larger and complete store but a little bit further than Worldwide



To meet your need of home appliances, you can buy them in ASDA, Wilko, or try online shopping through eBay or Amazon. If you’re looking for secondhand stuffs, you can search for

If you’re looking for secondhand stuffs, you can search for carboot (like a garage sale) around your place. You can ask Google by typing carboot Manchester as keywords. One of the largest venues is located in New Smithfield area.


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