FAQ UK Guarantor:

There are some alternatives regarding UK Guarantor for accommodation instalment in Manchester.

  • If you are a sponsored student, you may negotiate with the landlord or another related party by providing Letter of Guarantee (LoG) or Letter of Sponsorship (LoS).
    • Another way is to negotiate with your sponsor to pay your full rent in advance (if possible). In this case, your monthly living allowance will be reduced accordingly.
  • Negotiate with the accommodation party to let your parents act as guarantor. (e.g. some accommodations do not ask specifically for UK Insurance Registration).
  • Pay any UK Guarantor services.
  • Opt for University Hall because you could pay in instalment and do not need UK guarantor.
  • If the alternatives above do not apply to your case, you may have to pay your accommodation full in advance.

*based on the experience of students living and studying in Manchester


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