Frequently Asked Question

‪1. How close is an accommodation to my campus building?

If you are wondering about the distance between your accommodation and your campus, follow these steps:

  1.    Search for the postcode of your campus building and the accommodation that you want to live in
  2.    Using google maps, put in your origin and destination postcodes
  3.    Check out how long will it take to reach the destination by walking and by bus (or Metrolink)

The same way could be applied to find out the distance to city centre

2. How can PPI GM students contact Indonesian number?

One way to call Indonesian number is by using Skype. You will need a skype ID as a caller, but the receiver does not require one. The receiver will get the call as usual. In other words, this way might be used to call home number or even call centre in Indones (banks, phone service providers, etc).

Steps to follow:

  1. You will be required to create a Skype ID, could be from your laptop or mobile phone.
  2. Buy Skype Calling Plans, for example, call package to Indonesia costs £2.79 per month (60 minutes). You will need a credit card (or debit) to purchase this.
  3. Then you can keep in contact with your family, especially your parents or grandparents who might not have Line or Skype account. It will also be useful when you need to call your office or bank (if you lost your credit/debit card and need to block it right away).

3. What sim card(s) usually used in Greater Manchester?

There are several sim cards that are commonly used such as:

    •  Giffgaff
    •  Three
    •  Lebara
    •  EE
    •  Vodafone

Sainsburry, Tesco and others.

In the welcoming week, there will usually a provider or two that give away free sim cards for students. You can also order the sim card online, and you will be sent the sim card for free. If you buy a sim card in minimarket, it will cost around £1.

You might spend £10-20 per month for your phone credits, depends on your choice of package and sim card.

Just like in Indonesia, each sim card may have advantages and disadvantages. Opt for one that suits you best according to your priority and your need, such as:

  • Signal. EE (according to some people) has a strong and reliable signal thus connection lost rarely happens.
  • Price. Giffgaff is relatively cheaper compared to EE.
  • Also, find an internet package that could be used outside the country (for Europe trip). In some countries, internet package from Three or Lebara could be your priority.

*You could top up you balance online by providing your debit card information, so you could top up directly from your mobile phone, or you could purchase it in the nearest minimarket.

4. How to register to Bank Account in the UK?

Most pupolar banks for students are Barclays, Lloyds, and HSBC. To register to a bank account, these are the steps to follow:
– get a confirmation letter, containing you address information, from university. This should be done in Welcome Week.
– Go to the nearest branch of your desired bank and ask for Student Account Registration. Once it is done, your debit card will be sent via Royal Mail. In the start of academic year, there will be a massive movement to register to bank account so that you might need to make an appointment (either online or walk-in).

In most occassion, students do not need to carry much money on their wallet. we can do cashless payment for most of the transactions without any surcharges, which is fantastic. Mobile banking application is also very helpful to check account balance and moving money. In some major banks, they also have “Pingit” feature that allows us to send money to anyone by using phone number only.

5. What if i miss Indonesian food?

It is so unfortunate that there are no Indonesian Restaurant here in Manchester. If you want Indonesian food, the alternatives are:

  • You can cook it your own. For those who cannot cook, prepare to bring massive amount of Indonesian instant ingredients from Indonesia or you can google the recipe. It’s a good time to learn how to cook, isn’t it?
  • Buy the instant ingredients in Indonesia people who owns “grocery store” in Manchester. They use to open stalls/booths in any PPI events. It will be more expensive compared to the one you buy in Indonesia, of course. You can always find ingredients in Chinatown as well, so no need to worry.
  • Order food to Indonesian family who do sell Indonesian food.
  • There are many Indonesian sell foods on PPI events or during the fasting month.

 6. How much is the expenses spent for daily food?

If you cook yourself, you can spend for about £1-2 each meals. Milk and egg are considered cheap here in the UK while other stuff are expensive. If you eat fast food, the cheap ones can be like £2-5. Take away order or take away buffet is around £4.5-8. If you dine out or dine in campus cafes, you can spend like around £5-8 while cozier places can cost you around £7.5-10. In dinner time, the prices range around £10-15 (all you can eat buffet will be significantly cheaper during lunch time). Fine dining will be more than £17, with common prices are ranged around £20-25

The prices above are in general places, so there might be some places that can be either cheaper or more expensive. If you need more details on what restaurants that are popular among students in Manchester, please visit

7.  Is it true that I can find wifi connection alost everywhere?

Unfortunately, it is too good to be true, indeed. Wifi is not available everywhere, but you can always use these wifi networks:

  • Eduroam. This is UK campus wifi network. It is available in all universities in the UK. You can just log in to this network by entering your student internet account details. Your login details can be used in all university premises in the UK that are covered by Eduroam.
  • University Wifi Network. You need to login using your student internet account.
  • Always ask for a wifi password when you are in restaurant premises.
  • Use your own simcard internet data. Notice that some providers with “all you can eat data” package does not allow you to use the data for personal tethering.
  • Find accommodation that provides internet connection or you can share the cost of buying modem and producing your own wifi at home with your housemates.

*Internet, tv box and phone line £45.40 with Sky. For internet only with phone line, 12 months free then £7.50 per month afterwards. Internet speed is unlimited, up to 17Mb speed (per 2015). Other popular vendors include TalkTalk, Virgin Media, BT.



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