Indonesian Food Festival

Indonesian Food Festival 2015

Indonesian Student Society of Greater Manchester proudly presents the annual Indonesian Food Festival!

Join us and you will be transported to Indonesia without having to leave Manchester. There will be food that would satisfy all of your tastebuds, from mild to spicy, sweet to sour…

Just to give you a little bit of a sneak peek, here is a small list of food that you can find at the festival:

  • BAKSO (meatball with noodle soup, our all time favourite!)
  • SATE (chicken/meat skewers drizzled with peanut sauce)
  • MARTABAK MANIS (yeasted pancake smothered in butter and sprinkled either with chocolate only or a combination of chocolate, cheese and peanut butter. YUMM!)
  • CENDOL (rice flour jelly in coconut milk and palm sugar, another favourite among fellow Indonesians) and many more!

So come on, the event is happening at the Academy 2 on the 3rd of March. ENTRANCE IS FREE!! Stalls will be open at 6pm, but you are welcome to wait before that. Our food is so scrumptious that they would be gone in just an hour!


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