Official Partnership PPIGM

Good evening, mate! PPI GM would like to announce good news to kick-start your second semester (yes you heard it right, it isn't exam related at all) 🎉 For any of you who lucky enough to pre-order our brand new membership card, there are some interesting offers from our official partner this time:

1. Oke Poke
Poké (poh-kay) is a traditional Hawaiian street food that is a healthy alternative to western fast food. It’s a combination of diced raw fish, vegetables and various other mix-ins.

Poké in Hawaiian translates as ‘chunk’. It has been compared to a deconstructed sushi bowl, with hints of Asian flavours which creates a unique, healthy and soulful alternative to an everyday salad.

We’re sure you’ll love our fresh Poké!

2. Oishi-Q
Hulme Street pays homage to the best far-eastern cuisine going, Japanese Yakitori.
Defined by their Donburi and Ramen dishes, Oishi Q has been a favourite with the native students and locals for several year.

Umami your way to fusion heaven!

Stay warm and enjoy them with your loved ones. Cheers! 🍻